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The Alcohol of Fame 1993-1995


Alcohol of Fame, in it's time, was a very emotional and dramatic agro hard rock band owing much to glam, metallica and the band of gypsies...yet still was a bit before it's time. You'd call it mainstream rock today... Alcohol of Fame was born out of an ensemble put together to perform a benefit for original 4 Non Blondes drummer Wanda Day at the I-Beam in San Francisco in early '93. During a rehearsal for the show, studio engineer Garry Crieman named the bunch "the alcohol of fame". Although several subsequent line-ups were attempted, it was when the core trio of Hall, Crash and Spingola crossed paths with drummer Becky Wreck later that year, that the Alcohol of Fame began.
The first official performance of AOF was at Female Trouble's 'The Dykemare Before Christmas' in Dec. 93, without a bass player. Also on the bill were Stone Fox and Elvis Herselvis. With the addition of Bassist Erica Liss in early 1994, the line-up stuck long enough to break the local scene, make a 6 song demo, "Mendocino Demo 1994", and to play the New Music Seminar in NYC along with an east coast summer tour in 1994. That tour ended an era when drummer becky wreck remained on the east coast.

Returning to SF, the core trio of Crash, Hall and Spingola began the second era with drummer Peter French and a series of bass players, including Dennis Dismore and Shelly, eventually adding the late Warner Harrison in 1995, the last bass player to record and perform with the group. A much more polished sounding second demo was recorded in spring 1995 at Gush Studios in Oakland, CA. Warner announced his departure from the band only weeks after finishing the demo, thus signaling the end of the band..

pictured above: the late Warner Harrison (2002)

Band Members 1993-1994

Shaunna Hall - Guitars, bvs
Cara Crash - Guitars, bvs
Steve 'Spit' Spingola - Vocals
Becky Wreck - Drums
Erica Liss - Bass

Band Members 1994-1995

Shaunna Hall - Guitars, bvs
Cara Crash - Guitars, bvs
Steve 'Spit' Spingola - Vocals
Warner Harrison - Bass
Peter french - Drums


"Mendocino Demo Session 1994"
recorded by Joey Mobile Sound on 16 track ADAT

track list
Amerika's Dreaming (Hall/ Spingola)
Blue (Hall, Spingola,Crash)
Horse (Hall, Spingola)
Jesus Christina (Hall, Spingola)
Monkey (Hall, Spingola)
Superman (Hall, Crash, Spingola)

"Gush Demo '95"
recorded at Gush Studios, Oakland, CA, April 1995
Engineered by Allen Kraft
Mastered by Matt Murmen at Different Fur Studios, SF

track list
1. She Breaks Down
2. Swing
3. Big Black Hole


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Above: Gush Demo '95 cassette tape insert, above that: Gush Demo '95 cassette tape cover: pictured L-R Cara, Steve, Warner, Peter, Shaunna

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cellular 415-637-7033
voicemail: 415-333-rock
584 Castro St. #812
San Francisco, CA 94114

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