Shaunna Hall 

Storm, Inc.

2000 - 2002


Storm, Inc. 2000-2002


One of the best alternative rock bands out of San Francisco. Ever.
Storm, Inc. started in the winter of 2000, when Storms' previous band, Storm and her Dirty Mouth decided to change up the personel. Shaunna began to sit in with the band as a support guitarist for acoustic gigs. Shaunna and Storm began to write and proved to be a good team. Here We Are is the first song produced from their collaborative efforts, and can be heard along with several others on the groups' only CD, The Calm Years. The Calm Years was Produced and recorded by Jim Dean in San Rafael at Commander Save Studios in January and February of 2001. The CD was released and a West Coast tour followed in the spring. Shaunna left the group in May, and the band continued as a four-piece about 6 months before it broke up for good.

pictured above: Storm, Inc. video shoot , Berkeley 2000

Band Members 2000 - 2001

Shaunna Hall - Guitars, bvs
Michael Cavaseno - Guitars, bvs
Storm Large - Vocals
Kevin Carnes - Drums
Ubidube Whitaker - Bass

Above: Shaunna Hall, Ubi Dube Whitaker


"The Calm Years"
2001 Storm, Inc. / Taylor Made Records
(re-released under Gender Nectar distribution/label)
Recorded by Jim Dean at Commander Save Studios
in San Rafael, CA Jan-Feb. 2001

track list
1. Thank God
2. Not Alright
3. My Brilliant Blonde
4. Penetration
5. Jeremiah
6. Beautiful
7. Here We are
8. Great Day
9. Girls
10. Ima Yora
11. Dying Town
12. Ruin Everything

Above: Drummer Kevin Carnes


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Above: Explicit Warning on "The Calm Years"

contact information:
cellular 415-637-7033
voicemail: 415-333-rock
584 Castro St. #812
San Francisco, CA 94114

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